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Gholkar’s is an authorized reseller and MWBE partner of CreositySpace, an innovative creator of curriculum-based STEM products for elementary school.

A NY-based company, CreositySpace offers a student-led, inquiry-based New York State Science Learning Standards (NYSSLS) K-5 curriculum that offers a unique way to engage students in STEM through innovation and entrepreneurship, at a time when they ask, "What do I want to do when I grow up?"

Entrepreneurs and innovators are ideal role models to show kids that STEM is more about creativity, asking questions, and finding solutions and less about "knowing the right answer". The CreositySpace curriculum keeps science current, real, and relatable for kids, while introducing them to the broad array of career opportunities, companies, and products using STEM in their communities and state.

CreositySpace science units help K-5 teachers:
  • Introduce authentic experiences through the innovations and stories of today's entrepreneurs (many of whom are from New York State);
  • Integrate science into other subjects so students who identify as arts-related or socially-related can more easily connect with science and its relevance to their lives and potential career paths; and
  • Engage students in the critical skills of writing, reading, critical thinking, collaboration and speaking.
NEW! Homeschooling Units Available August 1

CreositySpace is offering two homeschool-sized versions of all units starting August 1. Each unit will accommodate groups of 2 or 5 students.

See a sampling of CreositySpace units below. View the full K-5 curriculum on their website here. Contact us at to order.

Grade 2 unit:    Grade 3 unit:     Grade 4 unit:     Grade 5 unit: 
All ages units:          
Ongoing Support :
Every unit or subscription purchase comes with an initial training session and ongoing support from the Creosity Space team for the duration of the school year.
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